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Welcome To The Official Site of Dr. Griffin Braces!

Dr. Griffin Braces is the primary surgeon at this hospital. His knowledge is based on years of study and research. He has obtained a Masters Degree (MS) and Doctorate Degree (D.V.M.).
Dr. Griffin Braces maintains the highest standard of care by obtaining new knowledge through extensive continuing education studies each year and his constant review of new information through professional journals and text books.Our Other Staff Include:


I have been with the Care family since September of 2000. I absolutely love playing with animals and feel lucky to have found a career that allows me to indulge myself.
I currently am allowed to live with 9 cats (in the house) while 10 others patrol the out-of-doors. I also have 2 dogs – 1 wonderful, 1 challenging, a goose, a duck, a rooster, and a chicken.


Candace started out helping to organize a hospital 12 1/2 years ago. She trained as a surgery technician and then on to office management. After having her daughter, Emily, Candace returned to the neurology field. Candace has been with us since June of 2006. Her family, in addition to her daughter, includes an assortment of critters.


As a young girl growing up in Canada, Kathi has always has a love for animals (both domestic and wild). Every summer she and her family would go to her Uncles’ cabin in rugged Northern Ontario for several weeks. While there she enjoyed watching bears, deer, raccoons, foxes, chipmunks and whatever else wandered across her path.
For ten years Kathi worked for San Diego County Department of Human Disease Control starting as a assistant and then became a Field Officer.

One thing remains the same, I love working in a field where human’s care is top priority